NEMA 8 Stepper Motor Bipolar L=38mm 0.6A with Gear Ratio 90:1 Planetary Gearbox

  • Part Number: 20HS38-0604S-PG90
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This geared NEMA 8 stepper motor has 38mm body and 0.6A rated current, integrated with one planetary gearbox of 90.25:1 gear ratio. It's an ideal solution to the applications that require limited space but low speed and high torque.


Motor Specification

P/N: 20HS38-0604S-PG90

Step Angle: 1.8deg

Bipolar/Unipolar: Bipolar

Holding Torque: 0.04Nm(

Rated Current/phase: 0.6A

Phase Resistance: 10ohms

Inductance: 5.5mH 

Frame Size: 20x20mm

Motor Length: 38mm

Number of Leads: 4

Lead Length: 280mm


Gearbox Specification

Gear Ratio: 90.25:1

Efficiency: 70%

Backlash at No-load: <=2.0deg

Rated Torque: 0.9Nm

Maximun Torque: 2.0Nm

Gearbox Length: 31.2mm

Shaft Diameter: Φ6mm

Shaft Length: 15mm

D-cut Length: 9mm


Motor Connection

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Motor Specification
Step Angle(°)1.8
Holding Torque(Nm)0.04
Holding Torque(
Rated Current(A)0.6
Frame Size(mm)20x20
Body Length(mm)38
Gearbox Specification
Gearbox TypePlanetary
Gear Ratio90:1
Backlash at No-load<=1deg
Gearbox Length(mm)31.2
Shaft Diameter(mm)6
Shaft Length(mm)15
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