AR4 Robot Motor Package Kit - Closed-loop & Gear Reduction & Linear Stepper Motor

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This AR4 robot kit includes six stepper motors and each one motor has been biult with one ultra magnetic encoder to achieve closed-loop control.


Package Includes:

Joint 1: 42LS48-1684E-200G-AR4

Joint 2: 28HS51-0674D-PG14-AR4

Joint 3: 35HS28-1004D-PG19-AR4

Joint 4: 42HS40-1684D-kG10-AR4

Joint 5: 42HS40-1684D-kG510-AR4

Joint 6: 57HS56-2804D-YGS50-AR4


If you need the related stepper drive controller or switching power supply, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected].

Now we have more precision planetary gearboxes, which have less backlash & higher efficiency, to be used for these AR4 closed-loop geared stepper motors. Please free free to contact us if you need to higher precision planetary gearbox instead.

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